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Thanks for stopping by my blog.  It’s a honor and privilege that you have joined me here.  
I recently found myself BETWEEN two beautiful stages of life: the uncomfortable space between an active family-focused past and a fulfilling empty nesting present and future. I started this to connect with a community of women to help navigate through changes in family dynamics and well as physical and emotional changes in our forties and beyond. It takes daily surrender to let go of our former lives in order to love who we are becoming at this beautiful between. It is my goal to share how to learn to love our bodies, and to nourish our minds and souls as we embrace this stage of life with grace and some laughter.

If you love a great daily devotional, but can’t quite seem to find the discipline to start or if you want to create a healthy workout routine, but need something gentler on your body than those power jumps you did in your twenties, or if you’re just a mom missing your kids and you need some encouragement…or a trip to Hawaii, you’ve landed at just the right place. So here’s a virtual hug from me to you to let you know, you got this. Here’s to embracing the Beautiful Between.
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Woman Leaning on Wall
Rhonda and husband
my other half

Cedric and I have been together for almost 25 years and have been married for 22 years. We have two adult sons, which officially makes us empty nesters. We are as different as much as we are alike. After many years of trying to change him to be more like me, I finally realized I needed to change more of me so I could love him as he’s always been. He is kind, cares deeply about the work he does, is an incredible father and leader, and shares all the dad jokes to anyone who is willing to listen…and occasionally laugh. He blesses himself when he sneezes, so doesn’t need an applause, but I am so glad he cheers me on and supports me through all I do.

When I write of we, it is us. This is us.

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“Creating a community of women between the beautiful stages of life.”